Integrative & Holistic Psychotherapy

My therapeutic approach is ecclectic and effective! In this work you will not remove pain or coat life with a positive view that bypasses the negative. You will use your pain as a gateway to the healing power of your truth and awareness.

Integrating somatic, cognitive, psychodynamic and transpersonal approaches you will:

  • Develop a new mindset and transform limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in negative thinking patterns and behaviors resulting from old mechanisms of protection and self-preservation that adversely affect your well-being, ability to be intimate and vulnerable, and your personal evolution.
  • Integrate effective somatic and mindfulness-based skills to be present and transmute uncomfortable emotions (the ones you often try to avoid or repress utilizing a number of ineffective ways to check out, avoid and disconnect).
  • Recognize how formative experiences and intergenerational legacies passed down through family trauma, addiction and loss have shaped your identity and hinder your ability to experience love, joy, creativity, and pleasure.
  • Take an honest look at your relationships and the choices that you regret, learning how trauma shaped your blue print for attachment and connection and how to release trauma-based, residual material reflected in unresolved resentment, grief, fear, shame, and guilt stored in your body and nervous system.
  • Learn your heart-centered valor and how to dare the comfort zone with choices that expand your sense of agency and sovereignty, implementing and cultivating new habits that will ignite purpose, fulfillment, and meaning.


In the process of our work together you will ponder your conditioning, cravings, aversions and may come to question the view you have of yourself. You may reconsider your values, reflect on your spiritual beliefs and longing, and recognize the way you treat or address yourself and others through your language, your thoughts, and your actions. In this process, you may come to recognize the way you perpetrate and perpetuate your suffering through addictive behaviors, toxic relationships, the food you eat, the words you speak, the story you hold about yourself and the world. You may radically feel the desire to open up your horizons, and embrace new choices that promote physical health, mental flexibility and emotional awareness.

You will benefit from my approach if you are struggling with any of the following:

* Depressed mood
* Anxiety
* History of Sexual Trauma
* History of Religious Trauma
* History of abuse or neglect during childhood
* Intrusive disturbing thoughts
* Nightmares
* Self-loathing
* Intimacy and vulnerability

* Shame
* Guilt
* Loss of purpose and meaning
* Emotional overwhelm or numbness
* Feeling disconnected from your body
* Loss of sexual desire
* Unmet sexual needs
* Sexual orientation
* Gender identity
* Racial Issues

* Existential doubt
* Life transitions
* Loss and unresolved grief
* Relationship issues
* Anger and irritability
* Divorce
* Post-partum depression
* Parenting issues
* Addiction

About Integrative and Holistic Psychotherapy 

Not many people know that the term psychotherapy is derived from the combination of two ancient Greek words: psyche (meaning "breath; spirit; soul") and therapeia (meaning healing). Therefore, pointing out that the healing of the soul-psyche is a crucial aspect or goal of this work.

In most mainstream forms of psychotherapy or counseling the dimension of one’s soul-psyche is often omitted, the psyche is dissected in a bunch of pathologizing clusters of symptoms and diagnostic criteria, and treatment is supposed to focus primarily on measurable treatment goals and objectives, usually addressing only the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Although this is a valuable psychotherapeutic work with evidenced-based scientific validity, this is only a part of what we will do together. To be clear on what to expect, we will focus more on soulfulness and how to sustain positively the connection of the body-mind-soul system rather than measured behavioral outcomes. This may not be the best approach for you if what you are looking for is a very structured type of counseling unless you are willing to challenge that aspect of yourself and engage in this journey as a process of self-discovery and self-remembering!

This holistic spectrum of being will be the ground where we will cultivate the changes and breakthroughs necessary to restore harmony and balance in your life.