Holistic Sexuality: Exploring the Vital Awakening of Human Nature

Embodied Inquiry: Together we will engage contemplative practices – interactive embodied meditations, which involve structured and respectful physical contact – to open a path of inquiry that is unique to the dynamic circumstances of each participant.

Navigating Complexity: We will approach the complexities of sexual energy with sensitivity and care, exploring both the joys and challenges that arise, addressing shadow elements, wounds, and conflicts that may hinder the full potential of our vital, sexual and creative expression.

Safe Exploration: With support and guidance, participants will learn how to safely self-regulate their own process from an awareness of their present capabilities and necessary boundaries.

Date: July 5th, 6th and 7th, 2024
Time: July 5th, 3 pm to July 7th, 3 pm.
Location: Nevada City, residential options by preference.

Marina T. Romero has spent the last 30 years leading courses in embodiment, sexuality and spiritual transformation, as well as guiding couples and individuals through processes of healing and personal growth. Marina co-created the work and vision of Holistic Transformation, an integral approach to psycho-spiritual embodied growth and healing that works experientially with the body, sexuality, heart, mind, spirit, and nature. She is the author of many articles and book chapters on transpersonal sexuality, psychospiritual embodied development, and human nature as a holistic experience, as well as co-author of the book, Nacidos de la Tierra: Sexualidad, Origen del Ser Humano.

Samuel A. Malkemus, is a professor of clinical psychology and consciousness studies who has turned his energy toward creating containers of healing and transformation for individuals and groups. The core of his vision is founded upon a holistic understanding of human health that is grounded in the rhythms of nature and the wisdom of the body. The author of many articles on spirituality, sexuality, and embodiment, he is the co-founder and director of the Institute of Holistic Transformation.

$900 to $1200 sliding scale
Inclusive Access: $900, Fair Access: $1050, Supporter Access: $1200
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Holistic Awareness: Exploring the Fundamentals of Vitality and Embodied Wisdom

Embodied Exploration: Through guided mindful touch and compassionate presence, we’ll journey into the depths of our being, uncovering what’s alive and neglected within us.

Interactive Sessions: Engage in pair and triad exercises with fellow participants, through structured and respectful physical contact, fostering connection and intimacy in a safe and supportive environment.

Cultivating Understanding: Develop a deeper understanding of your inner rhythm and unique essence, grounding yourself in your humanity while embracing your individuality.

Conscious Connection: Learn how to be present with yourself and others, cultivating curiosity and aliveness in every interaction.

Date: June 8th and 9th, 2024
Time: Saturday, June 8th: 12 to 7 pm. Sunday, June 9th: 12 to 5pm
Location: Yoga Dive, Grass Valley

Olga Sohmer, Ph.D., is a holistic counselor, psychedelic integration guide, and experiential group facilitator passionate about encouraging the depths of human potential. Weaving her background in transpersonal and humanistic psychology, mindful movement and touch, intergroup dialogue, and participatory inquiry, Olga brings a multidimensional approach to her teaching, counseling, and research. Her counseling approach is especially informed by training in Hakomi—a mindful and somatic approach to facilitating growth and change—holistic life coaching, spiritual counseling, mindfulness and yoga instruction, Earth-based ritual, and ancient technologies for expanded states of consciousness. 

Olga’s research and publications explore the value of participatory research and learning methods in psychospiritual contexts, as well as themes regarding authentic self discovery and actualization within a relational worldview. Born in Russia, Olga now resides in California with her 8-year-old son. Through her work and daily life, she hopes to contribute to healing the way human beings relate to ourselves, each other and the Earth, our home.  

Amata Albero, LMFT is an holistic psychotherapist and group work facilitator specializing in integrative therapeutic techniques that bridge somatic practices, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and transpersonal psychology. With over 10 years of experience in mental health, she has worked with high-risk populations, including foster youth, juvenile offenders and adult sex offenders, before transitioning to private practice in 2018.

Originally from Italy, Amata holds Master’s degrees in East-West Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling and is trained in EMDR, enhancing her expertise in trauma resolution.

Amata’s therapeutic approach is deeply enriched by her involvement in earth-based ceremonial practices, such as vision quests, sweat lodges, ritual dance ceremonies, and expanded states of consciousness, which inform both her spiritual views and her approach to healing. Dedicated to shifting from a paradigm of pathology to one of human potential, she guides clients with embodied awareness and compassionate presence on their journey towards wellness, awakening and self-discovery.

$450-650 Sliding scale
$450: Inclusive Access, $550: Fair Access, $650: Supporter Access
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