Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching differs from counseling and psychotherapy. It is oriented by clear intentions and the pursuit of tangible steps toward your goals.

It is less focused on exploring and processing past and internal mental and emotional patterns that create unbalance and is more designed to take action in the present and address aspects you wish to change.

I suggest coaching services for people that are seeking help to develop healthier life choices and that are ready to work on goals and aspirations for personal development after a thorough assessment of other existing conditions has excluded the need for a deeper form of psychotherapy. It is a great way to pursue self-development, ignite change and work on goals that you have been postponing or procrastinating, and eliminate blockages and barriers standing on your path for self-transformation.

Together we will identify desired changes by looking at your whole person and your relationship with your environment, crafting your intentions and tailoring practices to enhance your wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We will also explore and define steps to improve your connection to your community life and nature, with the purpose of improving the quality of your relationships, communication, and self-expression. What you will gain from this is a greater capacity to tend to your overall well-being cultivating values like belonging, gratitude, creativity, vitality and wisdom.

Mindfulness practices, embodied meditations, active imagination, journaling, altar-building, breathwork, art, community-based projects, and nature-based contemplations are some of the tools we will use to help you set your intentions and pursue daily or weekly goals to cultivate transformative breakthroughs in the area of your life that you wish to focus on.


"The purpose of your life is not a fixed mark. It is an ever-changing alignement to the core of your humanity, to your ability to forgive yourself and others and to keep the fire of your enthusiasm burning ever brightly." Richard Rudd