Illuminate. Connect. Transform.

Illuminate. Connect. Transform.

Engage life from a place of worthiness, wholeheartedness and truth!

If you have been stuck in destructive patterns that make you feel powerless, unfulfilled, and weighed down; if you notice being disconnected and out of flow struggling with overwhelm or numbness, and if you battle with the bully inside your head and old demons like resentment, shame and guilt, it’s time to prioritize your wellbeing!

At Star Heart Holistic Counseling you will:

  • develop emotional intelligence, embodied awareness and spiritual sovereignty
  • align with your truth, self-worth, and valor
  • grow prosperity through meaning and purpose
  • awaken wisdom, presence, and connection

Integrative & Holistic Psychotherapy

By integrating somatic, cognitive, psychodynamic, and transpersonal approaches you will deepen and embrace a new understanding of your body, mind, and spirit.




Together we will identify desired changes looking at your whole person, defining and tailoring practices to enhance your wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Entheogenic Integration & Modified States of Consciousness

I believe in the therapeutic use of modified states of consciousness to facilitate the processing and release of trauma and promote psychological healing.