Entheogenic Integration & Modified States of Consciousness

Entheogenic Integration & Modified States of Consciousness

I believe in the therapeutic use of modified states of consciousness to facilitate the processing and release of trauma and promote psychological healing.

Modified states of consciousness may be facilitated in a variety of ways using breathwork, sensory alterations or deprivation, movement, fasting, rhythm, as well as psychotropic chemical compounds found in plants, animal glands or skin, and fungi.

Plant-based ceremonies, breathwork, vision-quests, sweat lodges, and other so-called “shamanic” practices like drumming and dancing have been used for thousands of years to expand states of consciousness for healing and spiritual purposes. These ancient healing technologies have been under the attention of numerous studies in recent decades and have become more and more popular for the potential they offer for individual and collective healing, personal transformation, and spiritual development.

The last fifteen years especially have brought forward a “psychedelic renaissance” with the understanding that modified states of consciousness may be utilized in Western psychotherapy and psychiatry as a means to address conditions that traditional clinical treatments have only partially addressed. For example, research has been proving the efficacy of MDMD in treating PTSD and complex trauma, Ketamine is being currently used to address resistant forms of depression and anxiety, and psylocibin is under study to verify its efficacy in treating existential anxiety in terminally ill patients as well as resistant forms of depression and anxiety through micro and macro dosing.


Although I do not practice such interventions directly, as a clinician I look forward to seeing these forms of treatment legally recognized and made available to the public in safe and accessible ways. It is important to make a disclaimer that I do not support nor encourage illegal activities and recreational use of illegal substances, nor can I provide referrals for any (still) illegal use of such activities. Unfortunately, as these substances and plant medicines remain mostly illegal many people seek access to these resources without proper guidance and understanding of their power and their impact on psychological, emotional, and spiritual balance. This can often cause a destabilization of the psyche, emotional upheaval, and occasionally a spiritual emergency (resembling a psychotic breakdown). Understanding the power of deep psychological forces elicited by these states of consciousness, I work with clients who have sought out such healing practices on their own and are looking for a safe, non-judgmental, and holistic container to help them integrate and make meaning of their experience.